F&BP Trading Company

Welcome to the homepage of the F&BP Trading Company! The Company was founded in 2018 as a Roblox Group for Tradelands. We are headquartered on the Island of Whitecrest and operate strictly as a trading company. The group is dedicated to providing economic transparency to traders of all factions.


GISE Stock Exchange

The crowning achievement of F&BP is its Grand Isles Stock Exchange. The stock exchange tracks economic strength across three indexes that can be used to trade in-game. Updates are provided once a month, with individual updates available upon request.

Price Guide

The F&BP Price Guide tracks the value of several items that are traded in Tradelands. The guide is updated daily and includes all materials and items transactions. Every item includes a date when it was last updated. You can also visit the FAQ page for more information.

Recent News

Our news feed is kept current with the latest events in Tradelands. We focus solely on economic activity and recommend readers to visit the official Discord for roleplay and game announcements. We also regularly provide guides and analysis of the game’s economy.

Latest News

  • 2022 Purshovian Update

    On May 5th, the Purshovian Update of 2022 was published. This followed The Great Oakening update that occurred at the end of April. Together, these two releases provided a well-rounded update to Tradelands which had a measurable impact on the…

  • Tradelands Economic Update – April 2022

    The Tradelands economy did not fare well in April. The economy experienced early growth, but fell sharply following a lackluster release at the end of the month. The final calculation puts the total economic growth at 8.19%, a full point…

  • The Great Oakening Update of April 2022

    The big update to Tradelands has been dubbed the “Great Oakening” due to the glitch that occurred during the update. As expected, the release was right around the time when the Tradelands team makes their big annual change. This year,…

  • Price Guide Furniture Update

    We received several requests to add several furniture items to the price guide, namely the gramophone. Furniture is defined as an item that is primarily used for display in houses. As a result, this is typically a niche market since…

  • Economic Update – 1st Quarter 2022

    The economic activity in March declined slightly, but had an incredible rebound in the final week of the month. Let’s take a deeper look into the activities and see how things performed in our first month of the year without…

  • Tradelands Economic Update – March 2022

    March and April is the timeframe when the most game impacting updates are usually released. This is also a good time to reflect on how the market is likely to perform over the summer based on how prices were impacted…