F&BP Trading Company

Welcome to the homepage of the F&BP Trading Company! The Company was founded in 2018 as a Roblox Group for Tradelands. We are headquartered on the Island of Whitecrest and operate strictly as a trading company. The group is dedicated to providing economic transparency to traders of all factions.


GISE Stock Exchange

The crowning achievement of F&BP is its Grand Isles Stock Exchange. The stock exchange tracks economic strength across three indexes that can be used to trade in-game. Updates are provided once a month, with individual updates available upon request.

Price Guide

The F&BP Price Guide tracks the value of several items that are traded in Tradelands. The guide is updated daily and includes all materials and items transactions. Every item includes a date when it was last updated. You can also visit the FAQ page for more information.

News Network

Our news feed is kept current with the latest events in Tradelands. We focus heavily on economic activity and official features. We also regularly provide guides and analysis of the economy. We recommend readers to visit the official Discord for roleplay for other game announcements.

Ship Building Guide

Overwhelmed with the ships that are available in game? Ever wanted to know how to make the most doubloons while trading cargo? The F&BP Merchant Ship Building Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the best trading ships in the game as well as tips to help you level up.

Latest News

  • Special Report – The Kraken Night Returns

    Today, The Tradelands Nation hit its highest number of concurrent visitors for the third day in a row.  I asked almostunbeatable what I should do to celebrate and his response was to post one of our fleet secrets.  So here…

  • Aukai Shield Price

    The Aukai update introduced Shields as a furniture item.  They appeared on the Price guide for the first time today, even though they haven’t reached the Stock Exchange. The question is, how much is the shield actually worth?  While it’s…

  • Tradelands Economic Update – July 2022

    What a strange month for the Tradelands economy. After a missed promise to release a ship, followed by the announcement of another event, and ultimately the release of summer crates at the end of the month, we are finally seeing…

  • Sapphire Market Correction

    Sapphire has seen an explosion in market capitalization over the past week.  This usually results in price fluctuations due to increases in the volume of material being traded. In turn, it is a sign that a trading company may be…

  • Cherry Destabilizing

    We wanted to quickly send out a note to any traders that Cherry pricing stability has been downgraded from “Stable” to “Somewhat Stable”. This is due to a recent shift is market forces due to the rising Market Capitalization. Prior…

  • Summer Aukai Auction Announced

    This past week, Tradelands announced that another auction will be happening in July.  This announcement is similar to the Purshovian Auction from May so we expect it to be the same format.  There is one key difference this time. It’s…