The F&BP Trading Company was founded in 2018 as a Roblox Group that plays the game Tradelands.  We are headquartered on the Island of Whitecrest and operate strictly as a trading company.  The group is dedicated to providing transparency of the economy of Tradelands to all factions.  This has culminated in several important tools that are available on this website, including the first Grand Isles Stock Exchange.

What is Tradelands?

Tradelands is a unique trading game that takes place in the fictional Grand Isles during the Age of Sail.  You take command of a merchant vessel (or a pirate ship) and earn a living making doubloons.  Through the course of the game, you will encounter the various factions and navies, as well as other merchants and traders.  The game sports a fantastically robust economy that, because it is 100% player driven, mirrors the same mechanics you could expect in a real-world economy.

Several members of the World of Nations are members of an unofficial fleet called F&BP Trading Co.  This group is an unofficial fleet that focuses on tradings and other mercantile activities.  The fleet is not a navy and does not perform mercenary or privateer work.  It’s preferred home base in the Kingdom of Whitecrest where it maintains the stock exchange as well as well as its various ledgers and statistical analysis.

About F&BP Trading Co.

The Company was founded by Almostunbeatable, and his trusted lieutenant Vrnqie. The Trading Company is fiercely loyal to Whitecrest but is not associated with the navy or the king. The Company also maintains a neutral status, providing trading information to all factions for free, and does not engage in roleplay or pirate hunting. We also maintain a private Discord and participate in events along with several other groups in our community partners. Please see the Roblox group if you wish to join our team.

We are a strong proponent of truth through data. Recommendations and reviews make strong use of data analytics and machine learning tools. This can sometimes contradict the mainstream perception or views. As a result, we remain a closed community but are able to perform analysis on specific areas wherever there is interest.