Welcome to the Bond Market for the Grand Isles Stock Exchange. While GISE focuses primarily on stock shares, this focuses on bonds (i.e. loans) that players can make to someone and the type of return on investment they could expect. Each item on the market includes the following details:

  • Interest Rates: This is the current interest rate for the item. This is the amount of money you should be charging if you loan this material to someone, with a promise to pay you back. It also gives insight on how likely the stock price is to change over time.
  • Bond Rating: This is the current risk level for the item, meaning how likely are you to get your money back. An “A” rating means low risk, a “D” rating means high risk.
  • Trend: This is an indicator if the bond rating is changing. A green arrow means it is improving (becoming less risky), while a red arrow means it is getting worse (becoming more risky).

Bond Indexes

You can use the search and sort features on the table to find the item you want to review. You can also use the Price Guide to determine the base price for each item in relation to its bond rating. For example, if Iron is selling at 180 per piece, and the interest rate is 4.9%, you should expect your bond to be worth $188.82 when it is paid off.

NameInterest RateTrendBond Rating
Abs3.12%B (Unstable)
Acacia3.45%BBB (Stable)
Advanced Engine7.23%BBB (Stable)
Amethyst6.27%BBB (Stable)
Angelwood7.77%CCC (Unstable)
Ash6.69%BBB (Stable)
Assassin's Crossbow29.16%C (Volatile)
Bacon Hair Long Gun0.50%BBB (Stable)
Ballyhoo0.50%BBB (Stable)
Battle Axe37.49%CCC (Unstable)
Beeswax40.96%C (Volatile)
Blacksmith's Hammer9.28%B (Unstable)
Blood Oak14.45%B (Unstable)
Blue Hard Tack11.39%BBB (Stable)
Blue Pine5.14%BBB (Stable)
Blued Steel7.19%BBB (Stable)
Blunderblaster10.07%B (Unstable)
Bolts4.97%BBB (Stable)
Boneblade0.50%BBB (Stable)
Boneblaster4.05%BBB (Stable)
Brass10.66%B (Unstable)
Breki Space Pirate1.53%C (Volatile)
Breki Wealth Token2.22%BBB (Stable)
Brekonium12.10%B (Unstable)
Broken Hearts Sword0.50%A (Stable)
Burkeland Cape6.94%BBB (Stable)
Burkeland Caplock Musket0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Burkeland Caplock Pistol11.02%CCC (Unstable)
Burkeland Cutlass29.05%CCC (Unstable)
Burkeland Flag0.50%AAA (Very Stable)
Burkeland Flintlock7.96%B (Unstable)
Burkeland Flintlock Musket3.29%D (Unpredictable)
Burkeland Flintlock Pistol0.50%D (Unpredictable)
Burkeland Flintlock Rifle0.50%D (Unpredictable)
Burkeland Prize Token0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Burkeland Royal Pistol14.94%D (Unpredictable)
Caplock Ammunition3.14%BBB (Stable)
Caplock Musket5.56%B (Unstable)
Caplock Pistol50.09%D (Unpredictable)
Caplock Rifle10.89%C (Volatile)
Carpenter's Mallet7.49%BBB (Stable)
Cast Iron519.26%CCC (Unstable)
Cat0.73%B (Unstable)
Caterian Bronze12.50%B (Unstable)
Cedar4.86%BBB (Stable)
Cherry7.62%B (Unstable)
Chocolate0.50%D (Unpredictable)
Cladifier4.12%B (Unstable)
Clock12.50%B (Unstable)
Coal10.11%B (Unstable)
Colebalt5.68%BBB (Stable)
Color Changing Tree2.38%B (Unstable)
Comp L20.41%BBB (Stable)
Copper7.10%BBB (Stable)
Corncade Carronade0.50%AAA (Very Stable)
Cupid Crossbow12.52%B (Unstable)
Cupid Long Gun6.08%BBB (Stable)
Cupid Mortar13.62%BBB (Stable)
Cutlass2.24%C (Volatile)
Dagger13.94%CCC (Unstable)
Dead Man's Brigand Figurehead13.82%B (Unstable)
Dead Man's Gargoyle6.25%CCC (Unstable)
Dead Man's Sparrow Figurehead4.41%BBB (Stable)
Deadman's Stiletto Upgrade0.50%BBB (Stable)
Derringer3.11%C (Volatile)
Double Executioner's Axe32.00%C (Volatile)
Dull Dye9.91%B (Unstable)
Ebony6.57%B (Unstable)
Electrosteel7.09%BBB (Stable)
Elm6.60%BBB (Stable)
Emerald116.76%CCC (Unstable)
Empty Barrel2.62%B (Unstable)
Executioner's Axe40.95%D (Unpredictable)
Falchion24.01%D (Unpredictable)
Festive Medium Long Guns11.06%CCC (Unstable)
Firelance10.38%A (Stable)
Fish Oil5.42%BBB (Stable)
Fisherman's Cleaver19.77%C (Volatile)
Flintlock Ammunition0.50%A (Stable)
Flintlock Musket0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Flintlock Pistol7.00%CCC (Unstable)
Flintlock Rifle10.15%B (Unstable)
Ghost Morph11.76%C (Volatile)
Ghost Pal0.82%B (Unstable)
Ghostship Voucher8.82%B (Unstable)
Glowsaber2.40%CCC (Unstable)
Gold10.30%B (Unstable)
Goldfish Voucher0.50%BBB (Stable)
Goofy Musket292.58%C (Volatile)
Gramophone22.76%CCC (Unstable)
Greataxe42.73%C (Volatile)
Greatsword8.32%D (Unpredictable)
Grimewood9.23%B (Unstable)
Gunpowder2.44%A (Stable)
Hallengard Cape0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Heartsteel1.83%A (Stable)
Heartwood2.82%BBB (Stable)
Heavy Crossbow20.13%C (Volatile)
High Quality Molds26.82%B (Unstable)
Horse10.72%B (Unstable)
Ice9.39%CCC (Unstable)
Ice Axe71.91%D (Unpredictable)
Ice Pickaxe1.58%D (Unpredictable)
Invisible Displays38.58%C (Volatile)
Inyolan Cape4.41%BBB (Stable)
Inyolan Hawk6.96%BBB (Stable)
Inyolan Oak9.79%CCC (Unstable)
Iron394.75%C (Volatile)
Iron Dogdan Toy12.85%C (Volatile)
Ironwood7.10%BBB (Stable)
Jinglehopper8.11%B (Unstable)
Katana49.86%B (Unstable)
Khopesh12.65%B (Unstable)
Knife15.59%C (Volatile)
Kraken Voucher23.29%CCC (Unstable)
Kris19.22%C (Volatile)
Lantern37.05%C (Volatile)
Lemonwood4.92%B (Unstable)
Long Musket39.15%C (Volatile)
Lysian Steel0.50%A (Stable)
Machete6.18%CCC (Unstable)
Mackerel17.50%B (Unstable)
Mahogany5.62%BBB (Stable)
Maple6.26%BBB (Stable)
Mark of Nahr2.84%A (Stable)
Marlin12.32%BBB (Stable)
Mini Crossbow4.19%CCC (Unstable)
Minnowclad Voucher8.42%BBB (Stable)
Moorian Hardwood0.50%A (Stable)
Mortar Platform Voucher5.47%B (Unstable)
Mullet0.50%B (Unstable)
Naginata2.56%B (Unstable)
Nahrsteinium14.55%B (Unstable)
Neptune Upgrade4.76%B (Unstable)
Nobleman Greatblade31.77%D (Unpredictable)
Normal Dye0.50%BBB (Stable)
Nova Balreska Officer0.79%C (Volatile)
Oak8.20%B (Unstable)
Officer Pistol8.65%BBB (Stable)
Onyx7.34%BBB (Stable)
Osage3.74%BBB (Stable)
Pet Rock17.21%B (Unstable)
Pine14.58%B (Unstable)
Pirate Naptian4.71%B (Unstable)
Pitchfork57.82%D (Unpredictable)
Plumwood7.33%BBB (Stable)
Poseidon Upgrade0.50%C (Volatile)
Premium Material Cladifier11.21%B (Unstable)
Premium Tokens5.69%BBB (Stable)
Purshovian Cape4.84%CCC (Unstable)
Purshovian Merchant6.68%B (Unstable)
Purshovian Navy Cape13.42%CCC (Unstable)
Pursteel21.17%C (Volatile)
Pwnwood12.86%B (Unstable)
Rapier7.38%CCC (Unstable)
Red Drum12.82%B (Unstable)
Red Mortar0.50%B (Unstable)
Red Oak5.84%BBB (Stable)
Roundshot0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Royal Guard Spear14.14%D (Unpredictable)
Ruby7.26%BBB (Stable)
Sabre9.93%CCC (Unstable)
Salt0.50%B (Unstable)
Saltpeter23.49%CCC (Unstable)
Sand2.49%BBB (Stable)
Sapphire8.26%B (Unstable)
Sashimono1.83%BBB (Stable)
Sawed-Off Musket0.50%D (Unpredictable)
Scimitar10.75%CCC (Unstable)
Scythe41.43%CCC (Unstable)
Sepsteel8.26%B (Unstable)
Sheep0.50%D (Unpredictable)
Shield12.58%CCC (Unstable)
Short Sword66.67%C (Volatile)
Silver9.20%B (Unstable)
Skelestone144.06%D (Unpredictable)
Slay Bells0.50%CCC (Unstable)
Sledgehammer21.17%B (Unstable)
Smallsword20.69%CCC (Unstable)
Sparks Kilowatt Chest0.50%B (Unstable)
Spiked Club0.50%C (Volatile)
Spruce13.39%B (Unstable)
Spyglass of Unusual Proportions24.86%D (Unpredictable)
Steam Engine Parts7.18%BBB (Stable)
Steam Goose Voucher22.04%D (Unpredictable)
Steamfish Voucher0.50%B (Unstable)
Steel2.11%A (Stable)
Stiletto54.78%C (Volatile)
Swivel Ammunition0.50%A (Stable)
Taipan Voucher38.03%BBB (Stable)
Tarpon0.50%A (Stable)
Terry Cannon Conversion Kits6.76%BBB (Stable)
Tomahawk5.11%C (Volatile)
Trapshooter Blunderblaster22.91%CCC (Unstable)
Trident25.75%D (Unpredictable)
Trout0.50%A (Stable)
Tuanite10.24%B (Unstable)
Tuna18.10%CCC (Unstable)
Twin Long Gun0.50%BBB (Stable)
Universal Carronade18.03%CCC (Unstable)
Universal Long Gun29.43%CCC (Unstable)
Universal Mortar7.25%CCC (Unstable)
Verdantine Cape2.33%CCC (Unstable)
Verner Cape10.00%BBB (Stable)
Vibrant Dye7.36%BBB (Stable)
Vicious Dagger65.30%D (Unpredictable)
Vicious Sword34.09%C (Volatile)
Wakizashi19.06%CCC (Unstable)
Western Greenwood8.29%B (Unstable)
Whitecrest Admiral1.19%B (Unstable)
Wicked Axe10.33%C (Volatile)
Wicked Binglehopper Figurehead11.20%B (Unstable)
Wicked Cannon Converter Kit11.91%B (Unstable)
Wicked Spyglass24.68%D (Unpredictable)
Wicked Torch24.94%C (Volatile)
Yew10.92%B (Unstable)