The F&BP Trading Co. maintains an active stock exchange that is updated in real time called the Grand Isles Stock Exchange. The exchange is a living index, meaning it is updated in real time according to the buying and selling of items. A weekly snapshot is uploaded to this website, but an up-to-the-minute version can be provided on request. The group also maintains an active Discord channel where you can can get frequent updates and detailed analysis of all items traded on GISE.

There are currently over 100 items that are traded on GISE. In addition, there are three stock market indexes that can be used for trading, called the GISE Primary Indexes. Moreover, you can view many of the commonly traded items in the detailed price guide further on this page. For more information, visit the following links:

Indexes Last Updated On: 2024-06-01 13:27:53

Primary Indexes

M&G Index | 25,409.64 | +5.92% | +1,505.08

The Mining & Gemstone Index measures the market value of pickaxes. It is calculated based on market prices for the materials and the percentage drop chance of that item.

JSI Index | 21,443.67 | +6.76% | +1,450.12

The Jack Sawyer Index measures the market value of woodcutting. It is named after a fleet member who created the formula, and shows the average earnings per axe based on the percentage drop and market value of each resource.

FEGRAM | 42,343.67 | -3.71% | -1,570.11

The Merchant’s Guild Earnings (FEGRAM) measures the trade value of purchasable premium items. The index measures overall market strength, especially volume of transactions per month. Seasonal items and trade strength play an important part as well.