The screenshots posted on the GISE page are the official snapshots used for trading. Additionally, F&BP is working on interactive versions of the indexes that are accessible publicly and allow for up-to-date market data. Note that these are informational only and are not the official price indexes used in trading. You can view the progress of these real-time indexes below.

Item Indexes

Use the filter on the chart below to see the price changes of an item over the past two weeks. If you are using this index to decide where to price an item you want to list, the green range on the graph is the recommended range where your item should be listed. The range is based on where other traders are pricing their products.

Select Item:

Additional Market Details

NOTE: Only items with significant trade volume are listed. If the item you are looking for does not appear in the filter, it may not have significant trade volume. You may be able to find it on the Price Guide instead or ask on the Discord channel.