This page is dedicated to providing information on the various ships available in Tradelands.  Because we are a trading company, there will be a focus on providing information related to merchant ships rather than fighting vessels.  If you are here looking for advice for ship combat, I recommend joining one of the official navies in the game who can teach you the basics.

What Makes a Good Ship?

A quick guide on the types of roles that ships play in Tradelands and the types of characteristics to look for when determine which ship is right for you.

Best Rated Ships (By Level)

This guide shows the ships that are buildable at the Shipwright and how they perform at the three types of roles. We also provide a summary of which ships we recommend building at each level to help you level up faster.

Picking The Right Trade Ship

If you understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each ship type, the next step is picking the right ship for your level. An average trader who is following a good trade route will typically earn around 35 doubloons per minute, per crate. This is an “average” and goes up or down based on your relative navigation skill, ship speed, and dock time. The table below shows a detailed breakdown of every ship you can choose from, and the average from actual cargo runs with each ship:

The graphic above shows all of the ships in Tradelands that can carry cargo and the amount of money you can make with each ship. In short, if you want to be the best trader in Tradelands, only purchase ships that are above the “average profit line” that runs through the middle. Ideally, build the ones with higher scores if you can afford them.