Price Guide Furniture Update

We received several requests to add several furniture items to the price guide, namely the gramophone. Furniture is defined as an item that is primarily used for display in houses. As a result, this is typically a niche market since not all players have houses. This means the prices are typically higher than other categories of items since players who have houses have more disposable income. Below are some items that were added and their current state as of posting the update.


The Cat is currently over-valued but buyer demand is low enough that wide swings can be expected.

The cat typically trades between $400k and $600k. Buyers typically prefer a price point below the current trading minimum which is why you don’t see a lot of put options on the Cat. It’s possible the volume mismatch is due to players who want the cat knowing how to get one, so most trades probably happen off the public exchanges.


Gramophones sold well but have lower demand due to recent Roblox policy changes. Still, the rarity keeps this from falling too low.

Gramophones were the number one request to be added to GISE and the price guide, so here they are. This view of the Gramophone prices shows the impact that Roblox had when it decided to stop allowing music to be available publicly. The “dip” in the center is the point at which most users found the item to be useless, causing some people to be more willing to sell them.

We will likely cover this in a later, month end update, but one important market mechanic to note is how most items are overvalued. This is normal in a free trading market system. When an item becomes “under valued” (the orange line falls below the blue line) it’s an indication that the item is unstable or about to experience price volatility. In this case, it shows that the market may be adopting the lower $1.2M price point.

This means almost 30% of gramophone’s value has been lost since we started tracking it. It will be interesting to see if this becomes reality when we report the official numbers at the end of the month. Moreover, that would be the worst performance of any item ever tracked on GISE since it was founded.

Purshovian Merchant

The Purshovian Merchant is a popular trading item but its price point is still volatile.

Of all the recent additions, the one that stands out the most is the Purshovian Merchant. According the GISE, this is the most popular of the dolls. It’s one of the few that appears to also have a steady demand. However, we suspect that this item may have been introduced fairly recently, as it is pretty clear from the price volatility and projections that the market still isn’t sure what this item is worth. What is clear though is the demand price is around $500k, which means if the price goes this low it will experience a surge in prices.

The Sell point is currently just under $1M, at $938k as of today. That means the market is still not ready to say this item is worth more than some of the long-term options like the Whitecrest Admiral or the Breki doll. However, those items have been tracked for quite some time, so it’s safe to say that the Purshovian Merchant will bottom out at some point and slowly make its way above the $1M mark where the other dolls sit today.

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