New Island Or Phantom?

This page was updated on October 24, 2022 20:57:18 to reflect information shared by the developers with the announcement of the Halloween Event.

There are rumors that a new island is coming to the Tradelands. The F&BP Co. decided to see for themselves if this was true. We sent our best navigator into the southern ocean to report what he found. Indeed, it looks like the rumors are true, and he returned with a map that showed the location of Mallorca in the Grand Isles.

Where is It?

This is the first question everyone has asked us once we learned of it’s existence. We’ve updated the F&BP Trade Map with a red X marking the exact location where the island was spotted. You do not need to make a map change to reach it as it is available on the main map. Presumably, the developers will make a formal announcement of their own that explains the proper way to reach the island when they are ready (EDIT: Per the Halloween Event announcement, the correct way to visit the island is through the portal on the home islands). For now at least, the directions we recommend you follow is to head dead south of Canoneer’s Key where you will see it on the horizon shortly after you are parallel with St. Christopher.

The Red X shows the location of the new island. At present, the only way to get there is to swim or take the portal from the home islands.

What Does It Look Like?

You can first see the island as you head south from Canoneer’s Key, with it appearing over the horizon just as you are at parallel to Saint Christopher. The island’s main dock appears to be on the eastern side of the island. so make sure you are making a slight turn to port when you approach. Otherwise you will find yourself scaling cliffs instead of at the main bazaar. The island itself has a bazaar with several houses. When we visited, the island did not include any traders, but there is clearly space for a few vendors to make an appearance here.

If you go up the mountain, there are a few unique spots. There is a fallen tree that, when you walk on it, appears to make a different walking sound. There is pool of hot water at the summit of the mountain. The western face, with is a rocky cliff wall, may hold some secrets but will require an adventurer who dares to make the trek. Of course, all of this is secondary to the main feature – the candy merchant that stands outside a portal buried within the mountain. While the contents of the portal have yet to be released, the merchant’s wares are already open to the public.

Left: List of items available from Punkleton. Right: Punkleton Candytooth, the Candy Trader, stands outside of a mysterious purple portal within the mountain where candy can be collected.

If you are having difficulty viewing the images of the vendor’s wares, click it to open the image in a new window. It is unknown if you can collect enough candy to purchase all of the items Punkleton is selling, so if you are a collector make sure you calculate your earnings before just buying the first thing on the list. We are also not sure that all of these items will have enough volume to be added to GISE, but we have already added hooks in our script to make sure we capture as many of them as we can.

Lastly, be advised that we tested this island for material drop rates. We are glad we did because we learned that, as of now anyway, the island will eat durability on axes and pickaxes, but you will not be able to get any drops. This includes some of the cosmetic items such as the fallen tree near the summit.

Anyway, that’s our sneak peak to the new island. I hope to see you all there shortly!

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