Special Report – The Kraken Night Returns

Today, The Tradelands Nation hit its highest number of concurrent visitors for the third day in a row.  I asked almostunbeatable what I should do to celebrate and his response was to post one of our fleet secrets.  So here we are, with one of our most recent and most exciting secrets – the return of the Kraken Night.

A Pillager on the sea during a Kraken Night

For those who don’t know, the Kraken Night is a nighttime event that occurs whenever an ominous moan from a whale can be heard.  This event disappeared earlier this year at the same time the mining changes were introduced in the Purshovan Update, as well as the changes to Roblox audio policies.  Whatever the real reason for going MIA, it has been several months since the last Kraken Night was reported by our mining team.

However, earlier this week one of our fleet members reported hearing it!  He described the event as follows:

I was waiting for the night to start aboard my Pillager, so I could record my mining run for the night. When the sun went down, the the clouds remained and I thought it was a bit strange. I initially tagged the event as a glitched run, but around 10 minutes into the night, the fog came back, the sky changed, and I heard the moan of the Kraken! It was really exciting to hear it after so long, so I took a pause in my run to record my drop rates, then continued to mine as usual. At the end, my drop rates doubled! It felt like 2021 again.

For a long time, Kraken Nights were an important and closely guarded secret within our group.  That’s because we learned they also improved the drop rates of rare materials.  We made the decision to mention them last year, just in case it was a bug that should be reported, but they seemed to continue to occur even after our announcement. Whether intentional or not, the Kraken Night had a statistical improvement in drop rates for rare materials. This is why we recommend that all mining be done at night.

They were even more statistically relevant than “gemstorms.” We often described these nights as having the same drop rates as an Electrostorm, just without the Electrosteel.  So, while others were busy summoning the Kraken/Tacken itself, we were busy mining and timberfelling from Freeport where we can get a nice view of the battle and still getting great drop rates.

The strange behavior of the specific Kraken Night earlier this week indicates it may have been a fluke.  But now that one has been reported, we will once again be on the lookout for future occurrences.  It also means that, with the secret out, you can also capitalize on the improved drop rates until the developers catch it and fix it (assuming they didn’t already when they added the sound back).

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