The Secret Inyolan Island

For those who are unaware, there is a secret Inyolan Island in the Eastern Sea called Merope. If you attended the radio broadcast from December 4th, you heard us mention that a ship was being sent to locate an Inyolan Island. In today’s post, we are going to show you what we found.

Inyolan Village

The island does not appear on the map, but has a village on it that seems Inyolan inspired, if not a direct colony of the distant kingdom. It is located in the far side of the Eastern Sea. Whales used to originate from the spot, and the island is located where these wales originate. If you sail toward the north eastern corner of the map, you will eventually be able to spot it on the horizon.

A View of the harbor and an assortment of buildings located near the dock. Logs of Inyolan Oak can be found scattered across the area, with the famous foreign wood making up most of the material used in construction across the island.

The main village on the island is facing towards the east, a sign that the people here were probably trading with ports farther east (off map), rather than trying to trade within the Grand Isles. Along the Docks are booths that display several of the iconic items that are bought and sold by players. These include swords, gramophones, and a tea set. One of the houses is longer than the others, probably meant as a meeting area, but is currently closed and cannot be entered.

Inyolan Oak can be found everywhere. In planks, logs, and even the buildings.
Picture of the various display stands showing off items from Inyola.

Perhaps the most iconic part of the village is that Inyolan Oak is used in the construction of everything on the island. Ironically, none of the indigenous trees appear to be Inyolan Oak, meaning all of this lumber has been imported to the island. None of the crates on the island appear to be of Inyolan Oak, seeming to indicate that trade with other nearby nations is likely. It certainly gives a different perspective on the area.

There are two unique things that can be found on the island. While most of the buildings appear to be nondescript, there is a strange building in the center of the island that is smaller than the rest. This might be a mailbox of some kind as it is too small to fit a person. Secondly, on the northern end of the island there is a small mining village. The mine has an unused iron pickaxe as well as a rusted one but otherwise it seems to be abandoned.

A small house with a set of stairs is located in the middle of the town square.
View of the mine which is near the three houses on the northern side of the island.

Lastly, we took some time to test our equipment here, just to see if anything is special about this place. As usual, here is the report on our findings:

  • Using a pickaxe on the rocks inside the mine will use your durability. The rocks to not drop anything, so keep your pickaxes safely stowed away,
  • Using a timber axe on the trees will allow you to collect wood. The drops seem similar to the spawn islands, so use cheap axes only.
  • Using a fishing rod on the island drops high level fish, including Tuna and Marlin. The waves are low on the docks, allowing you to see the red bobber easier than most high level locations.

Other than that, there are no NPC’s on the island. That means you can’t trade cargo or dock your ship here. This island is most likely the location of a very specific event and not meant to be visited, which is why it also doesn’t appear on the map. Most likely, you will be informed by the game developer if/when it is meant to be visited by players.

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